Terms and Conditions

Windsor Hills Official Rentals (WHOR ) member Terms and Conditions

1.)  Windsor Hills Official Rentals (WHOR) offer to list your rental home on their websites on the specific terms outlined below.

2.) You may only list a home at Windsor Hills if you are the legal owner. Proof will be required.

3.) It is preferred that you have a personal website for your property.  We will not approve links that navigate to any other community or resort.

4.) You can advertise only one property per account, if you own more than one property you must create one account for each one.

5.) Your replies to prospective guests must not mention any other resort.

6.) No tour operators, travel agents, rental agents or management companies are allowed except by written permission of WHOR.

7.) The enquiries that you receive via WHOR are not to be passed on to other home owners.

8.) Owners are responsible for the accuracy of the information provided on their listing.

9.) WHOR are not responsible for any information contained on your own personal website.

10.)  Owners assume all the responsibility for the rights to photos provided to WHOR.

11.) You will fully indemnify WHOR against any claims for copyright infringement made against WHOR regarding your website or listing.

12.) You agree to receive emails with “general inquiries” and specific requests for your home, together with email blasts from WHOR informing you of any matter that may impact on your ownership of the home, your rental program or any issue that may inconvenience your guests.

13.) You agree to a “Code of Conduct” regarding any guest complaints. This means you will treat any complaint fairly and communicate with the guest and ourselves until the complaint is resolved.

14.) You agree to always being current with Windsor Hills HOA assessment fees, property taxes, insurance and hold a current Osceola County “hotel license”. You are also registered with the State of Florida for sales tax and Osceola County for tourist taxes.

15.) Membership of WHOR is ongoing until cancelled and is invoiced either yearly or every two years. No refunds are given for early cancellation.

16.) You agree your home will always be maintained in first class condition and properly cleaned before guests check in.

17.) WHOR will never sell, or permit any other person or firm to use, your email addresses.

18.)  Inclusion in “Location of Homes” ( Map of resort showing exact position of home) is not carried out at time of listing your home. This is done on a monthly basis.

19.)  WHOR reserve the right to change these terms and conditions at any time and terminate the site without notice.

20.)  WHOR reserves the right to cancel your account at any time for breaching any of our terms and conditions.

21.)  Refunds of the WHOR fees will not be given under any circumstances.

Privacy Policy
We are Windsor Hills Official Rentals.
Our website URL is windsorhillsofficialrentals.com
We can be contacted at [email protected]
Your contact is Rick Albert

We collect name of the person making an enquiry , together with their email address and country of residence.
We use cookies.
Our inquiries are passed to either a particular owner who is listed on our website, or to several owners ,depending on the guest’s preference.
We do not share your data with anyone else.
For users who list their homes on our website we store the personal information they provide in their property listing form.