A friend recommended this site. Be careful, there are others with similar sounding names. I found a wonderful 5 bedroom home which was better than I hoped for!

Carol Church April 29, 2021

We were very pleased with the Townhomes offered. We eventually chose one and it was perfect for our family

Pam Hardisty March 16, 2021

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Don Croft Like most people, we were really needing a vacation. After much research we chose a condo on the WHOR website .It was great and exactly like the owner said it would be. January 23, 2021

I found the perfect home for our family vacation. There were plenty to choose from and we chose the one that best suited opur needs.

Jane Hardisty November 14, 2020

We were very pleased with the number of replies we received. Each one had lots of information about the house, making it very difficult to choose! Well done!

The house we chose was exactly as described and was a dream.




L Robertson March 1, 2020

I found this site to be very helpful and the important part is that I can trust all the listings


J Taylor March 1, 2020

This site was extremely useful and saved hours  (maybe days!)  trawling through the many offerings on the web. We were able to leave a generic enquiry on the type of property we were looking for and the dates, and within 24-36 hours had a series of responses from owners or their representatives  directing us to specific homes. That allowed us to quickly identify the one we wanted , and arrange a booking in June/July 2019. We were also reassured that the owners are registered with WHOR, and in this day of online scams, were able to get reassurance through the site that our deposit had found its way to the actual owner.

Stan does  a great job in quickly responding to queries;  we will use this site again and direct our friends to it.

Many thanks


Northern Ireland, UK            January 25, 2019




Ken M January 25, 2019

Fantastic choice of homes to rent and most importantly every owner has been vetted to make sure they ae ligit. We will definitely use this site again,itwasso quick and easy

Peter D

November 2019

February 14, 2018

Thanks for the info and for keeping up with WHOR… I get a lot of bookings from you.



January 2018

Deanna February 14, 2018


Hi Stan yes everything was brilliant the house and the holiday thank you again for all the information and help we will definitely be returning?


December 2017

Gordon W. February 14, 2018

Thanks, you are awesome!∗∗∗∗∗

Leslie: Dated  February 2018

L Hook February 14, 2018

As an owner this is the best site for guests looking to rent – they can trust that owners have been verified and that the home they have chosen will be rented directly from the owner and that they will be well looked after. DLA

DA October 27, 2016

We are owners and we consider this site the best choice if you want to rent a property in tip top condition at Windsor Hills. You can be sure the owners who list there are verified and up to date with their obligations. No risks at all !

Leila S October 27, 2016

Great place for guests looking to rent from a reputable site. You can trust that the owners on here have been checked and that you are renting their home directly from them. Good selection of homes of all sizes so something to suit everyone.

Polly E October 27, 2016

A very trustworthy site A+ …I am a owner of two town homes in Windsor Hills and I can assure you this site lists only verified owners. Everyone is checked out and up to date with the community associations payments and rules…rent directly from and deal only with the owners. No middle man here.

Kris G October 27, 2016

This is the best site to look for homes in Windsor Hills. There is a large variety of homes and most importantly, the owners on this site are all vetted before being allowed to advertise their homes. More importantly, they are always being checked up on to make sure they are paying all their association dues so that the guest can be assured they are renting from reputable owners who have great pride in their homes. The owner of the site does an amazing job keeping everything up to date and doing all the vetting of the owners. I am a townhome owner and love this site because of all the reasons above.

Kristine E October 27, 2016

First and foremost, we must thank you for the superior job you are doing.  Your dedication and excellent management of WHOR has been outstanding.  We have received many bookings for our condo through WHOR

Barbara M October 27, 2016

Hi Stan
Well done, good stuff, we continue to get more enquiries from WHOR than anywhere else, most we can’t fill though!

Phillip N October 27, 2016

Thanks Stan, the leads I have been getting from your site havelead to many bookings.
I have the calendar quite full through next September.
You’re doing a great job!

October 27, 2016

Just a quick note to let you know that I have been getting a TON of great bookings from WHOR lately!  Officially getting far more from WHOR than that “other” site… Yay!!

Deanna Q October 27, 2016

This website was very easy to use and found the house i was looking for within a couple of minutes.

John B October 27, 2016